4 Times Your Mom Should Have Stopped You


Shaming your parents is one thing when your misbehaving at school or caught a little drunk on Instagram, but what about when your parents shame you? There’s levels to parental shame. I’m not referring to when your dad starts rapping like he’s Future Hendrix. I’m talking about level 10 shame that is etched in history forever. If you’re feeling froggy (or nostalgic, you pick) go rummaging through some of your old pics. I’m quite confident there’s a few moments where your mom in particular failed you! Whether your first professional picture as a toddler consisted of ruffled knee-highs or your heels to high school prom were too uber umcomfy – we’ve all been let down in the clothing department by a parent!

For kicks, I’ve listed the top 4 moments your mom should have run that look back! Check them out below..


Moment 1: Prom

You just had to have your prom dress made and unfortunately the custom job looked like it was sewn by a toddler. If you’d like to write a strongly worded letter to your mother expressing your disappointment – it’s understandable.


Moment 2: Graduations (HS or College)

At both moments its quite possible you had a big head and thought you knew better. As the evidence shows, you did not and you mom should have pulled you to the side. Six inch stilettos you cannot walk in are no match for the graduation stage!

Moment 3: School Picture Day (You Pick a Year)

We all have suffered from a bad school pic! The question always needs to be asked, who let her leave the house like that?!


Moment 4: Your Wedding Day

Your wedding day is about the union between you and your soon to be husband. In no way, should your mother’s vision for your wedding dress supersede your own. BUT, she should let you know if you’re dress makes you look like a bloated flamingo.