Closet Cleanse: The Diddy Edition


Let’s pretend it’s the 90’s and your in a Puffy video, ya know executive producing your own life like the girl boss you are, Diddy-bopping your way down (read throughout if you’re blessed) your closet as you get ready to toss the stuff that’s taking up space. Yes, you heard me correctly! It’s time to let it go. You spent January in the gym because its new year, who dis right? Well, a fashion diet is just a necessary if not more important than a nutritional diet.

Cleansing your your fashion palate promotes growth making way way for staple pieces and a cohesive vision. Why stunt your growth in an ill fitting skirt when you could be Serena Williams in a skirt? Edit away and watch as your personal style becomes clearer. We’ve all made impulse purchases. Usually such purchases that liken to that of fuzzy royal blue pumps are momentary trendy items. They remain in the dark abyss of  unworn shoes in the corner of your closet.

Edit your closet for functionality and personal style. If the fuzzy blue pumps are your style mantra, please continue to slay in them. Whatever your personal style, align yourself with that. Waiting until Spring, prevents you from being ready and Diddy is always ready #stylegoals.

Items you may want to bring with you in the future:

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