Culturalist RoundUp: Fashion Advice from Dad


Dad’s around the world are gearing up to accept their next tie, electronic shaver, or already owned rewrapped gift from their children this Sunday. While I’m sure he appreciates all of those things – we know there’s hardly any gift that can repay a parent for the wisdom they’ve bestowed upon us. Wisdom that extends to relationships, life, and obviously fashion. What’s more interesting than hearing fashion advice from your dad! He likely can’t tell grey from sky blue, anything tight or short is a no-go for him, his grill attire are his most loved clothes, and in his eyes you’re beautiful even if you’re wearing a trash bag. In celebration of all the dads around the world I’ve rounded up fashion advice from my friend’s fathers. It’s pretty hilarious and over-protective per the usual dad handbook. If you still haven’t picked up a gift for your dad try stopping by Mazza Gallerie for a gift for dad! They have some fun upscale options that will make your dad feel like all that fashion advice was noted.

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Whitney: My dad used to day this all the time, ” Just because you buy that size doesn’t make it your size. Wear clothes that fit and stop trying to fit into smaller clothes or wear clothes that are too big and hide your body. Wear clothes that fit properly so you can be comfortable.” In essence saying when we’re comfortable we exude the most confidence, which is our best trait.

Tiffani: The main three things I remember are, ” 1. You can be stylish without showing skin all the time. Pick what you want to show – it doesn’t have to all hang out. 2. Wear what you like not what’s in style. 3. Wear what looks good on you and don’t follow trends. Everything that’s popular doesn’t always compliment your figure.”

Jillian: “If his suit doesn’t fit or isn’t tailored, don’t trust him.”

Courtney: “I guess you can say my dad taught me the importance of shopping on a budget. He’s super cheap and as a kid it can be frustrating because you want what you want, but as an adult you grow to appreciate budget shopping. Now I’m always on the lookout for the latest deals and bargains.”

Keanna: My dad taught me the importance of dating a well dressed man. He says, ” A man should have at least one nice suit and know how to present himself with class and cleanliness”


Erica: “My dad taught me how to sit with a skirt on and to always cross my legs like a lady.”


Stuck on gift ideas for dad? I added a few cute gifts below: