Is it Time to Quit Fast Fashion?


We’ve all thanked the fashion gods at one time or another for the lower priced version of some designer item we once deliriously coveted. However, recently I’ve been feeling a tad conflicted when looking at my fast fashion wares in my closet. An overwhelming amount of the offerings from fast fashion retailers like Zara or MissGuided are replicas of designer items. These copies tend to be of lower quality using cheaper fabrics like rayon and polyester blends. Fabrics such as these severely lack the durability factor and lasting power one expects when spending their hard earned money. When considering the options though, what’s a girl to do? She wants that blue Chloe Alpaca cape but doesn’t have four grand to drop on it. Hence, a trip to Zara provides the desired style for a reasonable price. I’ve always been a proponent of authenticity in design but, if I’m shopping fast fashion could I really be about that authentic life? I’m perpetuating a system that basically robs the designer of his or her original idea and profits because the average consumer can’t afford the wedge Isabel Marant booties. Not to mention, many of these retail giants promote hazardous working conditions in order to churn out luxury brand copies in under 2 weeks. I had to ask myself, was it worth it?

What’s important to me is the construction of the garment, tailoring, and price point. Instead of being a consumer of trends (which, I’m not big on trends anyway), I’ll be buying what fits my style and will last far beyond two wash cycles.That said, I’ve decided to attempt at circumventing this fast fashion system for a short period of time. PSA this is not an admonishment of fast fashion shoppers! I may still buy some items but, I’ll be doing more of consignment shopping, shopping the sales (heads to The Outnet), and closet editing.

What say you? Things I’m currently coveting below: